Shady Palms Retirement Home & the Shady Ladies

I have jumped into a couple of cute challenges and I thought I would take a blog moment to share my build entry to the Millie Bear Community Save File Collab #MillieBearCollab

TY @anchesenamon (Diana) for the great info on solving my platform issue!

Welcome to the Shady Palms Retirement Home.

Located in the oft forgotten and always neglected world of Magnolia Promenade;

Yep, it is a world in the Sims 4.

Much of the landscaping is done with Sulani Debug.

This lush and lovely “home” is the perfect place to wait out your last days in calm quiet serenity, mindlessly rocking in a chair and babbling on and on about the past.



Wait just a second …

It is not like that at all …

Let’s meet the residents

and take a closer peek at the home.

Naomi Moore is the oldest of the group. She was very wealthy and has very refined (snobbish) tastes. Naomi Is a retired business woman. She has left her socialite life behind and seeks new friends and experiences.
Helga Roche is a retired nanny. She is highly creative and very very handy! However, spending all those years with young children has left her a bit imbalanced (erratic) and quite somber. She just wants some grown ups to talk to.
Raina Nelson is a retired high school music teacher. She is trying to expand her creative interests. She deeply loves music and hopes to find a support group of friends who will help encourage her to move forward with her musical dream.
Lara Braun is a cheerful person who has spent her life behind the easel. She has had many gallery shows and is now working on content for another show. She loves that now she can enjoy the company of others while still finding time to express herself thru her paintings.
Octavia Milton is a retired small town sheriff. She and her dear old Bob ran a small ranch near that town for years. When Bob died she knew she could not stay out there – it was too lonely. She loves the outdoors and hopes to get a few of the SP ladies interested in outdoors activities. No luck so far.
Bess Beltran is an out of work comedienne. She has not retired and has no desire to retire, She spends a good deal of time working on her new material. The other ladies find her cheerful and sweet but maybe a tiny be dingy too. They do not mind her trying out her material on them. I wonder how they will feel when they find out most of her really new material is ABOUT them.
The coquettish kitten Leanne gives all the resident much to whisper about. She loves the men folk. She is not picky – so ANYONE’s men folk will do. She has no desire to settle down with any one fella. Life is to short for that she chirps. She is an actress who has .. well .. hit a low spot in her career. Her agent never calls anymore but that does not hinder her look for love.
OHH then there is Nurse Nancy. She is an odd bird! No one knows much about her.

She is a no nonsense person!

A young adult with what appears to be no social life outside of her interactions at work.

The ladies often worry about her.

She does have some odd hobbies that give the ladies pause.

She is LARGE and IN CHARGE. Often attempting to rule with an iron fist but TBH the residents never seem to take note of this.

Nurse Nancy takes her role as health care provider very seriously.

In her little dispensary she has what it take to make it all better.

Most residents are a bit skeptical of her cures for their ailments.

It is because she creates these cures from herbs and other unknown substances.

However, to Nurse Nancy’s credit they are all doing quite well.

One of her main duties is providing meals for the residents.

Another responsibility that she takes very seriously.

Did I mention that she is a health food nut?

Her attempts in this endeavor to feed healthy food brings … um … shall we say … mixed reviews!

While the dinning room is lovely and cheerful, making the experience bright and uplifting.

The meal is not always a delightful repast.

Most find it flavorless and unappetizing.

Some find the vile vittles totally repugnant.

But not everyone.

I guess after you have spent a lifetime eating jail food anything is yummy!

While it is Nurse Nancy’s responsibility to provide upkeep to the facilities, the residents are quick to pitch in and give her a much needed hand.

Did you know you could shoot a screenie from inside the dryer? Me neither.

Octavia often brings in some delish fresh fish.

She tries so hard to introduce the rest of the gang to the joys of angling.

Something tells me that is not Raina’s cup of tea.

The ladies of Shady Palms have big dreams.

Travel is high on the list.

One thing was certain is that they would need funds to achieve this dream.

Gathering to discuss options, it was not long before they hit upon an idea.

Naomi had been watching the sales site Plopsy grow quickly.

At her urging, the group to came together to make a plan and joined forces to create a Plopsy store.

Each lady faithfully did her part to contribute to the effort.

Knitting, painting, woodworking, flower arrangements (they sell for LOTS of money)

Naomi, being a shrewd business woman, expanded the effort to include schmoozing the clientele.

They were invited in for lovely get to know you evenings.

Sales went thru the roof.

OOOH dear! I am not sure that is a wise move flirty Leanne! You are about to get stung by an angry Bee!

When the party is over .. it’s over.

Nurse Nancy stands her ground as she ushers the guest out.

It is off to bed now.

A good night’s sleep is important to good health.

Anyway it has been a long day.

All her charges are tucked in.

Now for a little “me” time for Nancy.

OHH Nancy that is a spicy book

Maybe there is a heart beating in there after all!

Good night Nurse Nancy.

Sweet Dreams!

Yikes! Looks like someone could not sleep.

Octavia got the fire a little too hot.

Hello hello hello!

Fire is out M’am.

At least THAT one in there .. he autonomously blows a kiss.

Nancy melts!

Nice going Nancy!

A hunky fireman too!

So you might wonder, how did the ladies do selling on Plopsy.

Well …

good enough to take a nice vacation AND even bring Nancy along.

Of course they may have regretted that decision.

She made them take a nice healthy hike.

Fresh air and exercise is perfect for staying healthy.

Their faces crack me up!

The entire time I played them they did not act like this LOL

They hated it.

In the end, it is smiles all around.

The house and the ladies are up on the gallery.


Shady Palms Retirement Home Gallery link

The Shady Ladies gallery link

Just in case you were interested:

Sulani Plant debug- Gallery Link

There is also a number of Nifty Knitting debug rooms in my gallery .. here is a link for one (the rest are near by)

Cable Knit Rug (with fail included)

Watch for a small cafe/retiree hangout coming soon from me for this colab ❤

22 thoughts on “Shady Palms Retirement Home & the Shady Ladies

  1. I love every single thing about this, I love those ladies!! This made me smile the entire time, and of course chuckle a time or two, lmbo!! Sweet, sweet story, sweet, sweet build! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Maria. They were a lot of fun to play with and they seem to do their own thing more often than not. You have no idea how long it took for me to get those shots of them sitting at the little tables … Playing with Freewill on is no joke


  2. Lovely, sassy ladies who remind us that grey hair doesn’t mean doddering and forgetful. Their home is as cheerful and colorful as they are! Nurse Nancy seems like she’s playing her cards close to her vest. A hunky fireman indeed. What a fun read, thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You flatter me…thank you! You did great too and congrats on making it as a top stylist again! ❤


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