CAS Look Book: Hot June Grad

June, the month for graduates to spread their wings.

Linc is excited to be finished with University.

He has worked hard both academically and as a barista to help pay his way.


His parents are also happy & are anxious for him to find a good job (mom even bought him a nice suit for the job hunt).


Collegiate wardrobe:

His parents do not know that Linc is planning to take a year off & is headed off to Mt Komorebi to do some boarding & learn about the local customs.

The girls find Linc attractive (and frustrating) ..

but he does not seem to notice …

because he really has only one thing on his mind!

Fly free little bird – for now – RL comes soon enough!

#lisabeesims for the #GlovelysQCC Calendar month challenge.

Gallery link – Hot June Grad

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