My Short Stories & “Other Stuff” (current) Table of Contents

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My short stories:

I love to dabble a bit in short story writing.  This is a little collection of stories that will stand on their own and most take about 3 or 4 minutes to read.  If you are new to Simlit or my blog this is a GREAT place to start.  I am quite proud of this little collection and #tbh it contains some of my favorite pieces!  I explore many things from long lost love to the death of a spouse to humanizing the homeless to bullying to adoption and even to visiting Grandma   🙂   I would love to hear what you think ❤ 

LisaBee’s Dance with Death

09-31-19_1-38-32 AM

An Era of Charming Tales: Wicked (Evella) Apples

09-30-19_10-10-06 PM

A Short Story: Emma

08-28-19_3-32-28 AM

A Short Story: Magic Mike

07-23-19_3-46-36 PM

A Short Story: Mama

04-31-19_12-59-10 AM

A Short Story: Cracked Potz’ Folly

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An Era of Charming Tales (Snow White Special): Happy 19th Birthday The Sims

05-01-22_8-11-62 AM

The Monster Mash

10-10-17_12-42-15 AM

The Embrace (A Short Short Short Story)

06-25-17_2-36-34 AM

Zoe’s Tears




An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno) The Gift


Bruno: Genesis


The Menace Returns?


Snow and Prince Redux #23a (Special Short Story Edition) The Curfew



08-17-16_12-43-24 AM

Grandma’s House

07-26-16_3-41-25 aa AM

The Chair


OTther Stuff:

Mama Llama Takes a Peek at Moschino & Stuff Pack Giveaway

Mama Llama Takes a Peek at Moschino … FAIL … FAIL … FAIL …

A Quick Pre-release Peek at Seasons CAS

06-20-18_10-14-18 PMslicker

BnS CHALLENGE #97 A Garden for Daisy

06-16-18_8-56-47 PM

Jane Moore & Co w/ Regency Build Challenge #BnS96

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If you are looking for info on the short story challenge 

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Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge  (Table of contents)