Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #13 Meet Prince and Jesse

(Only two more updates til the vote .. are you all ready to pick your top THREE favs?   I am so ready for the challenge to begin but we have 2 more wonderful suitors submitted by 2 awesome simmers so … off I go to work on the updates!)

“Welcome, Princess.  I see you made it safely thru the teeny bopper brigade downstairs.  We do not know how they found out the band was recording here BUT they did!”

With a small laugh, Rose excitedly declared,  “I did try to obscure my identity a bit.”  Looking at her with a smile, he thought to himself, well you sure could have done a better job with the disguise.

Instead, he said, “that was a very good idea, ma’am.  My name is Kroft and I am in charge of security for you and the band while you are guests at here the artist house.”

06-09-17_3-15-14 AM

Kroft escorted Rose to the studio room.  “This is the recording studio and the band, Internal Tantrum, also known by the name IT, is in-house recording a new CD ma’am.”

06-09-17_3-21-56 AM

For Rose, there was no introduction needed.  She has followed IT since they won the “Bridgeport’s Got Talent” competition nearly 5 years ago.   Their faces are as well known in her home of Windenburg as her own is.

collage it color

Prince glanced up to see Princess Rose looking in and he rushed out to say hello.  He was uncharacteristically flustered as he introduced himself.

As he observed the greeting Kroft wondered who was more starstruck .. the princess over the band or the band over the princess.

06-09-17_3-24-38 AM

Prince was still tripping over his words of salutation when Jesse popped out to greet her as well.  He was a bit suaver and quite comfortable speaking to Rose.  “Good afternoon Princess.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Rose was here to get to know both of these boys as both are candidates for the quest for the King.   She was pretty excited to meet them!

Jesse continued, “After you are finished settling into your room we will go into San Myshuno for dinner.  My childhood friend Grayson owns a wonderful restaurant and has invited us to come dine before the show tonight.”

Truth be told Rose could not wait for either so she hurriedly got freshened up and made her way back to the studio!

06-09-17_3-27-10 AM

Simslover grasped the princess’ hand gently but firmly enough and said with a small bow of the head,”Welcome to Exotic Food Utopia princess.  I hope you enjoy your meal at my humble establishment.  I, myself, will be at yours and the band’s service tonight.”

Jesse grinned at his friend.  Man, that was smooth!

06-09-17_3-35-57 AM

While brothers Ben and Jesse confer over venue backline,  Alex and Jenny seemed to be having a bit of a disagreement over tonight’s set.  Prince and Simslover looked a bit uncomfortable but Rose watched with keen interest in the process.  Even though she understood very little of what they discussed, she thought it was fascinating.

06-09-17_3-49-20 AM

Simslover to the rescue!  He quickly brought out his best bottle of bubbly.  The toasts began and the tensions settled!   Soon all were laughing and chatting over the scrumptious meal.

06-09-17_4-04-11 AM

The house was pack at the Okie Dokie that night.  A sell-out, it would be the only gig IT would do while they were in San Myshuno recording.

The crowd was eager and receptive to have “their hometown band” perform and the band was just as eager to deliver.

They waited …

Suddenly the lights came up and Alex sat at the drums, his sticks raised to the ready.  The crowd erupted.  Girls began to scream his name.  True to form, always loving the show, IT’s wild man drummer began his crazy beat!  The heartbeat of the show!

06-14-17_3-32-36 PM

The lovebirds were next on the stage.  Bennie bringing the bass line alongside Wildman’s bass drum beat …

06-14-17_3-32-01 PM

and crazy little Jenny flew out wailing on her electric pink axe.  Her screaming riff barely heard above the clamor of the crowd.

06-14-17_3-33-57 PM

From the shadows, quietly slipping into place and weaving in the sweet melody on the keys was “Blondie.”

Seeing the lights shining on his gold locks caused not just a few squeals of delight from fans.  You will note that he wears his cans low so as not to muss his coiffure.

06-14-17_3-29-37 PM

By the time a beaming Prince hit the stage it was obvious that this was going to be an epic show!

06-14-17_3-23-16 PM

After playing a few favs from their previous CDs Prince shouted to the crowd … “Anyone want to hear a tune from the new CD?”

Cupping his ear to hear their response, it came back to him a THUNDEROUS YES!

06-14-17_3-28-12 PM

“The band and I would like to dedicate this song, “SanMyshuno Dreams,” to all of you!”  Prince pointed out the crowd who roared back its approval!  “You gave us our start and never stopped believing in us!  Even today you continue to inspire us to be our best!”

06-14-17_3-31-25 PM

Perched high above the fray, well out of harm’s way, Rose White happily watched the show.  She knew their music well but seeing them live was a dizzying experience.  The very air around her felt almost electric.

Stone-faced, the faithful Kroft never left her side.  NO one was getting near to the princess .. BAND’s orders!

06-14-17_3-35-49 PM

The show is finished and the gear was being loaded by the roadies so the boys take a moment to find a quiet corner and over a post-concert beverage get to know Rose a bit better.

OHHH BUT what is this we have here?  Paparazzi?  Seems this one got past Kroft.

06-14-17_5-18-53 PM

The gear is loaded and the limo is around back waiting.  Kroft escorts the band and Rose thru backstage and out the door.

All of a sudden there are camera flashes going off and people pressing in.  Someone is shouting Rose’s name and she can hear a barrage of questions flying at her.

The boys in the band jump to the defense of Rose and Jenny.   Kroft manages to get the girls in the limo and comes back to break up the brawl between the paparazzi and the band but not before blows were landed by the band and on the band.

06-14-17_11-38-41 AM

After the brawl with the paparazzi, their adrenaline was pumping.  Back at the artist house it was time to hit the gym.  A  little physical exertion would release that head of steam.

06-14-17_11-38-42 AM

A late night light meal of blackened salmon prepared by Kroft (his specialty) and listening to the band rehash the show would close the day on a high point for Rose White.

She had to laugh, even after a long tiring day Jenny and Benjamine were still in the mood to flirt with each other.  She mused to herself would she have a love like that with this King she sought?  She sure hoped so!

06-14-17_11-45-50 AM

The next am in the studio they were still at it.  Joaquin was trying to keep his cool but he was ready to wrap this work up!

06-12-17_3-06-08 AM

Prince was warming up for his vocal session

06-12-17_3-10-36 AM

and Alex (sporting shades because of his black eye) was tuning up the heads of his drums.

06-12-17_3-08-22 AM

Jesse had already laid down keys so it fell to him to keep the princess company.   He was NOT sad.  They passed the time talking and playing games.  They found that they BOTH were quite competitive!

06-12-17_3-17-39 AM

After Rose mentioned that she had often wished she could play guitar Jesse took that opportunity to give her a few lessons.  He was glad that she was not a quick learner.  Sitting out on the sunny balcony with Rose made him happier than he thought he had ever felt.

06-12-17_3-17-40 AM

Jesse is one of the band songwriters and he asked if she would like to hear the latest song that he was working on .. a romantic piano-driven love song.  Oh yes, she was more than happy to!

06-12-17_3-17-41 AM

Man those must be some smoking hot tunes they are laying down in the studio!

06-12-17_3-17-45 AM

Recording was done til the equipment would be replaced later in the afternoon.

Time for a few bubbles??

UUUM Bad company Kroft …

06-12-17_3-27-16 AM

Princess is def not used to it either!

06-12-17_3-32-33 AM06-12-17_3-33-13 AM

Alexander does not need bubbles to get him feeling good .. a nice steaming cup of healthy green does it for him!

06-12-17_3-38-31 AM

Ben and Jenny know how to get to “feeling good” too!  Video games .. right?

Poor Kroft .. AWKWARD! (The cloud is so appropriate don’t you think?)

06-12-17_3-06-09 AM

Not all video games are THAT good though …

06-12-17_3-45-20 AM

Movie time …

06-12-17_3-43-27 AM

Jesse is no fan of zombies ..

Shhh, Prince and Rose, some are enjoying the movie.

06-12-17_3-45-19 AM

After being expelled from the movie Rose and Prince found a little alone time by the pool.

06-16-17_1-25-45 AM

“My dad and you have the same name.  It is not very common.”

“Yes, Princess, I am named after him.  Mi Madre is a royal watcher and she adores your family.  It is how I came to know about this quest.   She knows all the history.

06-16-17_1-32-15 AM

She would tell me the stories of your family when I was only a young boy.  How your Mother was unfairly imprisoned in an institution because the dwarves had driven her to madness.

06-25-15_12-52 AM-2

Then after her release how your parents met by chance as elders on that lonely beach … fell in love and

12-31-15_1-55-37 AM

they loved each other even unto death!

01-16-16_4-09-29 AM

Then they were given a gift of a new life .. a redux.

02-12-16_12-37-35 AM

I heard of your birth and how cherished you were.

03-18-16_3-27-38 AM

She told of the horror of your mother’s imprisonment by your evil step-grandmother.

06-10-16_3-20-31 AM

I know that even now this evil woman breathes out murderous threats against your sister and her unusual fiance Bruno.”

02-22-17_3-43-17 AM

Rose blushed.  She was feeling a little shy under the adoring gaze of Prince and quite moved by his mother’s devotion to her family.

“I have an idea, Prince.  Let’s go see her.  You do not have anything on the studio schedule til later this pm.”

Prince looked stunned.  “Of course Princess .. she will be so pleased to meet you!  I will call and let her know we are on the way in a bit.”

The afternoon passed sweetly.  Tea and cookies primed the conversation.  Rose found the company of Prince and his Madre delightful!

06-09-17_10-26-11 PM

She did know all the stories and it was joyful to hear her recount them.

06-09-17_10-26-12 PM

She had a few to share about her son too!

06-09-17_10-27-27 PM

It was drawing close to dinner and everyone was feeling a bit peckish so Rose offered up her culinary skills to whip a little something.

06-09-17_11-32-06 PM

Of course it was delightful.

06-09-17_11-44-25 PM06-09-17_11-47-22 PM

Sunset!  Time to head back to the house.  Maybe just a moment longer.

06-09-17_11-59-09 PM

The new studio equipment was nearly ready to go ..  just chillin’ til then.

Kroft felt a long night coming so he headed to bed.

06-16-17_12-39-06 AM06-16-17_12-39-07 AM

The sun was rising and the crew finally got to sit down.

“Cannot believe it is a wrap!”  Ben was so happy he could hardly contain himself.  “It took all night but we did it.  Rose thank you so much for keeping the coffee coming .. we could not have done it without your help.”

Rose smiled shyly, “It was so much fun.  Thank you all for including me!”

06-16-17_12-59-23 AM

It was nearly time for Rose to take off.  One last shot of the crew for the band scrapbook.  It would be a time to remember for all of them!

06-16-17_12-59-25 AM

Goodbyes are difficult and Prince is feeling a bit down.  They are all leaving San Myshuno today.

Jesse reminds him, “Come on bro, cheer up.  Rose has a free concert pass anytime she wants to come see a show AND US!”  They all laughed!

They all hope to see each other very soon!

06-16-17_12-59-28 AM

(Rose also did a photo shoot for their band merch .. she loves her tee and has been seen wearing it in Windenburg)

06-16-17_12-59-29 AM


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    1. I do love them .. Rose had a strong preference but I will not say who LOL .. BUT all will go back to the same level at the start of the challenge to give all boys and equal playing ground. What they will retain is how many reader’s hearts they have won LOL

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  1. Lisa! I’m tickled pink. I didn’t realize Jesse would be a contender! I just thought he would be apart of the story, so I thank you very much! Once again you had me chuckling thru the whole story. I just love that you are doing this and I’ve told so many people about the story to get them reading. You have to admit, Jesse and Rose look like a perfect couple………….. don’t ya think. Hint Hint! LOL However, the …uh other guy (LOL) is pretty cute.


  2. Yes! I didn’t miss the vote! Welp, I’m all caught up on this story, haha. I adore Prince, and I hope we get to vote for multiple men in the vote.

    I simply had to know what happened next. I’m looking forward to your next chapter in this story. Now back to my regularly scheduled catch-up of other stories. 😉

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  3. Crossing story. Rose is a fan of Prince and all his music band. His mother is a fan of the Royal Family.
    She mets two boys in one : Prince and Jesse ahah. Two charming boys in one.

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  4. I needed a long time to catch up but today I am all for it -no one has claims on me, tonight, 🙂 Princess Rose is looking very well! Everything suits her wonderfully. Such a lovely taste you had ♥♥♥. The name of the Band is very good … and, sorry but the boy’s name is already Prince… maybe prophetic? I liked him a lot and the concert pics were terrific… and with such a mother…. but I also liked Jesse a lot. This will be very hard to choose… an still we arent’t done, so, I*ll go right away to the next one. 🙂

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  5. Well…here we have two magnetic rock stars and Rose loves the band and them both! Hmmm…I thought this chapter was really good and the pics of the band were spectacular. I love the restaurant, really looked like they were having lots of fun chatting and eating…I do think that Prince really liked Rose, a lot…and his mother, well, she is infatuated with the whole royal family. Choices…choices….lol

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