An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Bromances and Romances

This is a rotational play legacy story that follows the children of Prince and Snow white Charming.  The two primary rotations are (Mike & Rose White) and (Bruno & Rose Red).  Other family stories will be inserted as they come into play.  

Bruno was beside himself with excitement.  Jack and Mike had invited him to be their roomie.  “The house is very large and we have lots of room,” Jack informed.  “It is a wonderful house, right on the waterfront in downtown Windenburg.  It will be fantastic!  You will love it!”

Mike was in complete agreement with Jack.  “Anyway Bruno,” he said earnestly, ” if we are going to be family one day we might as well get to know each other now.”

It all made such good sense.

While Bruno adored his parents he was truly ready to be on his own.

10-11-17_3-26-28 AM

He looked forward to experiencing the rowdy carefree bachelor life with these wild and crazy guys.

(Books, beer, and Pizza on a Saturday Night  … yeah Bruno that is off the hook!)

10-11-17_3-26-29 AM

They got on quite well they did … three peas in a pod!

A bromance made in heaven!

10-12-17_3-52-30 AM10-12-17_3-58-09 AM10-12-17_4-00-04 AM10-12-17_4-02-33 AM

(Yeah … Got to stay pretty for the lady folk.)

10-14-17_9-17-32 PM

“Yo Bro! You ok?”

10-14-17_9-27-44 PM


“Man this place looks a little shady.”  Mike was trailing Bruno into the forest with Jack hesitantly bringing up the rear.

They were off in search of a great fishing hole that Bruno remembered from when he was “only a cub.”

Bruno grinned back at them.”Don’t worry guys!  I have been here with Papa lots of times.”

10-14-17_10-45-16 PM

Jack whispered to Mike from behind, “this place seriously gives me the creeps.”

Mike just nodded his agreement and smiled a rather grimacing forced smile.

“It is all good.  Just BEAR with me.”  Bruno jested, chuckling at his own little joke.

The boys were too busy holding their breath to laugh.

10-14-17_10-46-41 PM10-14-17_10-50-56 PM

Bruno brightly encouraged, “It is not far now!”

The boys happily picked up the step.  It felt like they had been tromping thru this eerie woods for an eternity.

Mike kept his eyes straight ahead on Bruno.  He did not want to risk seeing anything peek out from those trees.

Jack was certain he could hear someone’s or someTHING’s footsteps crunching in the foliage behind him and he had to constantly fight the urge to run back to the car.

Bruno, however, seemed impervious to the shadows and sounds that surrounded them and strode happily, deeper and deeper, into the woods.

10-14-17_10-52-18 PM

Finally, the thicket opened before them to reveal a magnificent crystal blue lake nestled in stunning shimmering rocky cliffs.

10-14-17_10-49-55 PM

The splendid panorama with its towering bluffs with cascades of icy water falling to churn the waters frothy below was jaw-dropping.

AND the fishing was marvelous too.

NOM NOM … Dinner will be great tonight!

10-14-18_2-39-19 AM


“Good afternoon Sire,” a markedly nervous Bruno greeted King Charming.  Bruno had requested an informal meeting over coffee.  There was a pressing matter that he needed to discuss with King Charming.

The Tudor Plaza Cafe was normally buzzing but today, much to Bruno’s joy, it was fairly empty.    He was unsure of how King Charming might react when he broached the subject.  It would be nice not to be humiliated in front of many should the conversation provoke the King’s ire.

Prince is not a fool and he had an inkling of what issue might be laying heavily on Bruno’s mind and he wanted reinforcements for this one.

“I have asked Snow to join us.  Is that alright with you Bruno?”

Bruno nodded, maybe a bit too eagerly. “Of course, I … I would love it!”

10-15-17_12-43-44 PM

Prince ordered coffee for all and they settled into a cozy corner to chat.

Snow smiled sweetly as Prince got right down to business, “So, Bruno, you said you have something important to ask me?”

It was a fairly lengthy meeting (the contents of which I will spare you) but it ended with warm smiles, handshakes, hugs, and pats on the back from Prince to Bruno.

“Good luck Bruno.  Keep us posted.” Prince wished as Bruno made for the door.

“I will sir!  I will!” Bruno called looking back over his shoulder at the happy couple.

10-15-17_12-56-41 PM

He had to hurry.  He was meeting Rosie for a sunset hike out to the bluffs and he was on the verge of being late.

It is never good to be late in meeting a princess.


They walked in silence, enjoying the glorious colors of October in Windenburg.  Golden light from the setting sun lit the autumnal foliage creating vivid hues that seemed to dance as the rays played over them.  The crisp air, freshened from recent rain, caused their cheeks and noses to glow with a pinky tint.

Rosie was bewitched by it all.  Sighing, “Thank you, sweetheart, for suggesting this.  It would have been a waste of a glorious Autumn sunset, not to have come.”

” …..  Bruno? ”

Eyeing him skeptically, Rose Red wondered what on earth was wrong with him.  He seemed so jittery and distracted.

“Bruno … What is wrong?”

Bruno closed his eyes and fought the stammer in his voice, “Rosie I have known you from the day you were born.  I swear I loved you at first sight.

10-17-17_2-22-02 PM

I knew even back then that you were my soulmate … there was NO one like you!”

09-10-16_2-10-07 AM

Rosie’s face lit with a smile as she gazed at her sweet soulful tenderhearted fella, what a guy!

Rubbing the stubble on his chin reminded her of …

10-17-17_2-23-09 PM

the sweet features she first fell in love with.

02-22-17_3-40-29 AM

Drifting in her thoughts she did not immediately notice that he had dropped to one knee and in his hands a … a … her heart stopped …

“Rosie, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

10-17-17_2-24-13 PM

(Now HOW could you say no to that face!   NO! NEVER .. and she didn’t!)

10-17-17_2-26-36 PM10-17-17_2-28-05 PM10-17-17_2-33-55 PM10-17-17_2-34-16 PM10-17-17_2-34-17 PM

Time for them to go tell their families!

10-17-17_3-36-47 PM

The Orsini’s were delighted with the news. They all dearly loved their Rosie.  They had watched the young lovers grow up together and had LONG hoped for this day!

Alfonzo (aka Papa)  beamed at his son, “Wise choice my boy.  She is a great gal!” he said winking at his wife, “Got the temperament of your mama.”  Now Rosie did not know exactly what he meant but with Paola (aka Mama)  wiping her tears and blushing like that she knew that it must have been a good thing,

Little Molly was enthralled.  Her little eyes fluttering as she gazed up lovingly at Rosie.  A sister, she thought,  first she gets a forever family and NOW she would have a big sister too.  AND a wedding, do you suppose I … ohhhhh … visions of beautiful dresses began dancing in her head!!

Caiden (aka baby), being a very quiet boy by nature,  just stood smiling up at them.

10-17-17_3-25-40 PM

The Charmings are ecstatic too.   They have loved Bruno since they first knew him.  “I knew it all the time,” Snow declared knowingly, “A mum knows these things.”  Prince and the girls all nodded their agreement.

Rose White felt tears of happiness well up in her eyes.

10-17-17_4-05-43 PM

She thought back to that day so very long ago when she first met Bruno.  They had been the best of friends but now he as marries her sister she will happily trade a BFF for a brother!

Life is sweet she thought!

10-17-17_4-05-44 PM

Violet rushed to give her sister a big hug.  “I am so very happy for you Rosie.  So very happy!”

She ran out of the room on the pretext of finishing her dishes.

10-17-17_4-06-53 PM

It was becoming much too much for poor Violet.  She declared out loud to no one there, “I really am going to be a nun.”

10-17-17_5-07-14 AM


With steps heavy and slow, a shadowy figure approached the ramshackle church.

This was NOT going to be easy!  The sinister miscreant had been summoned and there was NO choice but to obey.

Evella was a loathsome wench and no one went into her presence willingly.

10-17-17_6-40-43 PM

The dilapidated walls of that old edifice reverberated as Evella screeched and wailed like a banshee, “I have gotten all the reports from the watchers … you have not been keeping your end of our bargain.”

“It is difficult my queen.  I must go slow or they will suspect.”

Her voice vile and dripping with evil as she bellowed … “You wicked little toad, go do what it takes to get this done!”

“As you wish my queen,” was the only response.

10-17-17_6-48-15 PM

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43 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Bruno and Rose Red) Bromances and Romances

  1. Great update. May I suggest that when you move from one scene to the next or set of characters to the next, to either put an indication like, “Meanwhile…” or a line of something like this “~~~~~~~~~” to indicate that you’re moving on to another scene. It was a little confusing to read.
    Am I to understand that you’re going to write about Rose and Bruno and Mike and Rose and do an every other update on each one? That should be interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ TY Sharissa .. GREAT idea .. I was a bit worried about that… I made your recommended changes. The story will be a rotating legacy and it will follow the story of the charming children …


      1. Looks great. Easier to read now.

        All the Charming children, or just both Roses? Isn’t there five or six Charming children?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes 5 kids but obviously the roses will take president … Rose white is heir to the throne and Rose Red is to marry Bruno who has been a very popular character and the one who has brought the most drama from Evella


  2. Rosie & Bruno are so sweet…and I am totally not bias because that lovely girl shares my name. Ha, ha. I’ve been waiting for more on them. And Violet, I understand your pain! Now, what is that evil witch up to!? I can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well I loved it ‘ it’s great following other family members to ‘ poor jack falling off the treadmill lol ‘ but I have to say I laughed out loud of that saying which I haven’t heard in sometime and use it myself at times (off the hook) lol 😁 ‘ any way I loved it as always and great photos to 💝

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Violet don’t cry you won’t be a nun but a princess with a charming prince in your arm. You’re beautiful and I am sure a prince would want you soon.

    ahaha Evella ….She hires a looser an other time ahaha.

    no i don’t forget I am happy for Rosie and Bruno both loved each other for so so long !!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha really? That’s so nice for her. In a story as your none of the girls finishes nun. At least she’ll find a toad and kiss it and tadaaa !!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. why not I see there are plenty of different bear costume ahah. Or the Prince of the Snow ? How lame we don’t have a Bigfoot yet ahah .

        Liked by 1 person

  5. How great that Bruno has moved in with Mike and Jack!
    Bruno is such a hunk, the hunkiest of those three hunks, imho.
    You wrote in a comment that Violet might end up with a polar bear…am I wrong to get my hopes up about Jack? o.O
    So happy that the Prince and Snow have given their blessing to Bruno and their daughter.

    Now, who is that “shadowy figure”? Is there a mole among the Charmings? *gasps

    Liked by 1 person

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