An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Wedding Day!

“I cannot believe the day is finally here, Jack.  This has been the longest year of my life.”

Mike was overcome with the emotions that flooded his heart and mind as he dressed for the ceremony.

01-26-18_5-43-43 PM

“The day I met her at Prince’s concert in Windenburg, I knew right away I would fall in love with her.  For me, there was no escaping her presence.  She was like an intoxicating sweet fragrance in the air.  I was drawn in and felt dizzy around her!

12-09-16_2-59-12 AM (2)

Then I found out about the Quest to find a king.  I was dismayed!  Jack, I was was going to lose her before I ever had a chance to win her.

I knew I had to act.  I had to find my way into the quest.  It was a frightening experience.  You know the King was unhappy about my joining?  He finally relented and I truly believe our destinies were sealed that moment.

15577931_739420396205828_8869358156044231841_o (2)

Our first date on the boat I knew I already loved her more than she could ever know!   My brain screamed at me to flee, this was too risky!  OH, but my heart held me fast.  I could not bear the thought of losing her to another.  I had to fight for her.

01-26-18_5-43-44 PM

Being in the challenge house was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure.  Watching her leave on an outing with another would send me spiraling into a dark place.  Every time I made it thru another challenge I was thankful and vowed to fight on.

The times I spent alone with her were nothing short of magical.  She always chides me about the wasted moonlight that one night up on the roof,”  Mike said with a twinkle in his eyes.  “Little did she know how I was struggling to keep myself from taking her in my arms and begging her to sail away with me.  I knew she would not so I stood fast.

01-26-18_5-43-45 PM

On that final day, when it was just you and me my dear friend, I was outside of myself with grief over the thought that she might not choose me.   I thought my heart would beat out of my chest as I walked toward her to hear my fate.  A rose or no rose … this was it!  How would I go on if there was no rose?

01-26-18_5-43-46 PM

I saw the rose and my heart lept out of my chest and my feet failed me.  All I could do is hold her and cry!  My beautiful princess had chosen me.”

01-26-18_5-43-47 PM

Looking at his best friend Mike finished with sincerity, “I know I am being insensitive, Jack.  I know that you were the one rejected and I deeply regret any pain caused you in this.  I am honored that you are my dear friend and my best man!”

Jack smiled.  He was not sorry he had lost the quest.  NO, in losing he had won.

01-26-18_5-43-48 PM


01-26-18_5-52-15 PM

“Hold still Rose,” Claudia admonished, “you are going to make me poke you with this pin.”

01-26-18_5-55-07 PM

“I am sorry, it looks perfect now.”

Rose White was feeling a bit queasy and holding still for all the dress adjustments was not making her feel better.

01-26-18_5-59-15 PM

Rosie walk in to see Rose clutching her stomach.  Taking her sister in her arms she confided, “Oh honey, I was there too.  Those butterflies are just temporary.  It is all going to be wonderful.”

01-26-18_6-06-29 PM

Rose White adored her sweet sisters.  They brought so much joy to her life.  What an honor it was to share this day with them!

01-26-18_6-15-31 PM

“Sissy face what is wrong,” Violet wiped the tears she saw falling onto Rose’s cheeks.

Rose stammered tearfully, “What if I am a bad wife and a horrid mother?  What if I am a terrible queen?  I don’t know if I can do this!”

“Oh stop being a goose dear sister!  You will be wonderful at whatever you do.   Now the music is playing so wipe your face,” Violet said as she pressed a hankie into Rose’s gloved fingers, “we will see you down at the altar.  Everything is going to be just fine.”

01-26-18_6-21-27 PM


01-27-18_4-33-03 AM01-27-18_4-33-05 AM01-27-18_4-34-13 AM01-27-18_6-11-05 AM01-27-18_6-28-48 AM01-27-18_6-29-46 AM01-27-18_6-31-13 AM01-27-18_6-31-20 AM

We present to you their highnesses, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ranieri.

01-27-18_6-31-22 AM


While Mike and Rose signed the marriage license, the family hurried off to the reception hall.  There was much to be done before the Bride and Groom arrived.

Aster had greeter duties.  Sassy Anchesenamon arrived first.  Aster thinks she is a “total crack-up” and, despite the cold, they enjoy a few moments of lively banter.

01-27-18_7-00-15 AM

Even princesses can assist the caterer with filling wine glasses (Prince’s private reserve of course) and making a refreshing iced tea (which will not get touched LOL).

01-27-18_7-00-20 AM

Claudia makes a quick check to see that everything is perfect as word of the Bride and groom’s arrival sounds.

01-27-18_7-01-49 AM01-27-18_7-08-42 AM

The food was divine!  The menu and recipes were strictly supervised by Rose White herself.


LOL I think Lexi likes those hairy knees (shhh I kinda do too ❤ ).

01-28-18_2-28-09 AM

Rosie enjoys some chat time with Mum.  She misses seeing her every day.

01-28-18_2-28-07 AM

The cake is cut .. you two be NICE! AWWW!

01-28-18_2-28-11 AM01-28-18_2-29-03 AM

“Thank you, dearies.”  Agnes was feeling a bit fatigued from the day’s festivities, so Maria brought a piece of cake to her while Lily watched over her for a few moments.

01-28-18_2-29-07 AM

Little Molly was dreaming of the cake she would have at her wedding one day (when she married that certain young redhead she has been crushing on).  Brother NO making fun!

01-28-18_2-29-08 AM

UH Molly, I think little redhead is crushing on someone too.

01-28-18_2-29-09 AM

We all will admit, Salome’ does look rather fetching in that dress!

01-28-18_2-29-10 AM

UGH!   Does anybody else smell something foul?

01-28-18_2-59-22 AM01-28-18_3-00-56 AM01-28-18_3-02-15 AM

As the clock ticks away the party gets a bit more lively.

01-28-18_3-02-16 AM01-28-18_3-02-17 AM01-28-18_3-02-18 AM

Come on ladies let’s shake it loose!

01-28-18_3-02-19 AM02-28-18_4-26-47 AM02-28-18_4-26-48 AM

Good grab Violet.  You must have REALLY wanted it and you know your Auntie Caroline needed it more than you!

02-28-18_4-26-45 AM

“Oh dear!” Caroline called out, “who left a piece of fruit on the gift table? TSK!”

02-28-18_4-26-46 AM


As the party continues for the guests downstairs the young couple sneaks upstairs for their own party.

02-28-18_4-54-04 AM

We will give them some privacy and take our leave here.

02-28-18_4-54-05 AM


A little photo shoot fun for you all!

The wedding party.

02-28-18_4-54-06 AM02-28-18_4-54-07 AM

(Princes’s sisters) The aunties and Dr. Ellie.

03-28-18_2-40-04 AM

What a guy!  He even agreed to give himself hat hair for his precious Auntie Matilde.

03-28-18_3-07-02 PM

Bruno and Rose Red!  These two have enchanted my heart ❤

03-28-18_3-23-38 AMa

Jack Frost and his NOT so shrinking violet (nope no nunnery for her).

03-28-18_3-32-39 AMa

Alexander (Goth) and Lily

03-28-18_3-38-55 AMa

My heroes .. my beloved Prince and Snow White!  Charming Legacy founders!

03-28-18_3-38-56 AMa03-28-18_3-38-57 AMa

Aster Charming.  Darling last born (later in life surprise .. to ALL of us LOL).

03-28-18_3-38-58 AMa

Be still my heart.  Our beautiful couple, Mike and Rose White ❤  Destiny brought them together (you readers KEPT them together).  I think Windenburg will be in good hands with these two on the throne!

03-28-18_4-32-16 AMa03-28-18_4-32-44 AM03-28-18_4-37-01 AMbannera013-28-18_4-34-48 AM

Next let us see what Simoniona and Mike planned for a honeymoon shall we??

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An Era of Charming Tales #1 (complete) Table of Contents



Credits: pose links at the bottom .. along with some cc links 🙂

A note from me 🙂

Thus ends The search for a King.  Been on this journey for over one year now and what an amazing ride it has been!  I hope you all stick around for the rest of the story (or as in this case STORIES).

I thank each and every one of you who read and cheered (or boo’d or boohoo’d LOL) me along the way.  You are strong encouragers to me.   I belong to many wonderful FB Sims groups and enjoy the camaraderie we all share in them.  Especially you, my sweet SAA (Sim Addicts Anonymous)! You all are my cray crays and  I love you so!!  Honestly, I probably would have quit long ago if not for you all!!  ❤  Thank you!

As this chapter draws to a close please allow me to say a few words of thanks to a few noteworthy individuals.  

First, allow me to thank my dear friend Lyhandros (lovenovavita) who began this colab with me over one year ago.  Although your RL work has taken you from the simmer community, know you are missed every day! 

Mike and Auntie Matilde are his FAB work … many other contributions as well .. the Yacht, the dress shop, Aunties house, the royal palace, the yacht (yes I know .. so nice I had to say it twice):

dutchessAnd the fab cathedral from this update too! 


Danke meine liebe Simoniona! Du bist mein ❤ ❤ < 3 favorit. Du inspirierst mich und ish bin dankbar, dass ish dich kenne (lol Ish hofe, das ist richtig). 

Elke also has a cameo in today’s blog. Check her out in the Gallery (OID simoniona) .. you will not be sorry!  Here is her FB page Simoniona – home


A special surprise for my lovely friend Maria  (aka dopecherryblossomheart  ) ❤   A cameo++ in today’s story.    TY for being an encourager both in my simmie life but in RL as well!  I LOVE you tons my girlie!

02-26-18_4-02-58 PM

Abby (aka canadiansimmer77)  You are always there with a willing hand and a caring heart (and I know how busy you are with 2 babies).  TY for blessing me ❤  UntitledThe wonderful ladies from the Reader’s contest (who all have cameos in today’s update) 

Barb Turley .. ❤ her Murky story @ the Tree Family Returns Home or Barb in Murkland


Brenda McBride .. ❤ one of the most supportive simmers another simmer can have.  She is a very precious friend to me!  A strong encourager who makes me smile .. especially when I write anything that involves Evella!  ❤


CathyTea .. an icon in the simlit community!  I love her AND her work esp  Septemus, My Son . 

She also founded a marvelous “little” thread on the EA forum Writer’s Lounge for all Games .  If you are a Simlit author I encourage you to visit her there.


Charlii-Mai .. I can say without reservation that Charlii-Mai  is one of my TOP FAV writers.  I adore everything she puts out!  I was gaga over Gold and now has teamed up with CathyTea (and others)  to do a “crossover/collab in the Alien Adoption Challenge story” Letters from Myself.  Go get a cup of tea and treat yourself to a read!

She just finished a 3 story shortie and had me captured!  It is so awesome (one day we will pay lots of money for her books) Rapunzel: Dullahan Dance

charli maii

Diana Poell-Roijen (Anchesenamon) – If you are looking for a FAB builder you need look no further than Anchesenamon.  She has a gallery full of wonderful builds. They are slowly filling my worlds because my dear simmies need FAB homes ❤   I have featured her builds many times in story!  FBers give her page a like .. you will not be sad!  

Anchesenamon Sims


Rose and Mike’s new home was a wedding gift from her ❤  So amazing!


Jennifer Lang  (MapleSimmer)   Not only is Jennifer one of the most supportive (and sweetest) readers any simmer could hope for,  she admins a wonderful FB Sims group AND  she is also a very active youtube LP artist.   My FAV is her  Asylum Challenge .  She just started  Family Life with Pets and it is quite adorable.  Stop by and visit!

Her latest Abandoned Kids Challenge


Salome (Voguishstorm)  With nearly 3 years of experience in simlit writing, Salome brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table when she updates her wonderful blog Moonwisp Chronicles.  This is a binger’s delight .. full of beautiful shots and an engaging story built around an Alphabetcy challenge.  You will need more tea!


Then in the WAY BACK machine, we find the lovely Dr Ellie .. a creation of Sanjana Tasnim.  Visit her lovely cc creations at Sanjana’sStudio



TY to the creator of Applegate Park.  I did a little reno to use it for the reception but you should check out the original too ❤

chapple gate

I had the joy of hosting my first Gallery CAS challenge.  It was so much fun!  Thank you to all who entered and to the FAB simmer friends who helped my out with votes (I could NOT choose).

I will tell you that if you are looking for a REAL fun community go find the ones who do the challenges!  So much fun!  Most are open and welcoming and just as sweet as can be! 

Attend the Royal Wedding Gallery CAS Challenge:

Challenge winner:

chal win


chal run up


Everyone is FAB and well worth a gallery follow (not only for CAS but builds too)

chal #1chal #2chal #3

Last but not least .. These FAB poses were used in the story …

Flower Chamber Wedding Project re-edit

A-lucky day wedding poses  (I just linked the S4update page that has both pose sets rather than linking them both separately .. I am lazy LOL)

Adorable sims Love before the wedding  this one is harder to find so enjoy the link ❤

Noteable cc

Rose’s dress is from the incomparable Colores Urbanos .. Colores_Urbanos

Rose’s dress is a recolor of wedding dress 10 but I linked you to her TSR front page so you can enjoy shopping 🙂 ❤

Wedding attendant dresses  … It is called Recitia By JomSimsCreations Jomsimcreations

Royal Uniforms (Mike, Prince, Bruno, Alfonso (YES the Kilts)  and Aster)  is amazing cc by Bruxel Bruxel on TSR

Again I link their TSR front page for your shopping joy

This is one that you may not have noticed but it is a VERY difficult to find bit of cc … TRUST ME!

Long cossack style priest robe Gott ist ein popstar

If there is anything else I can get for you do not hesitate to holler ❤


78 thoughts on “An Era of Charming Tales: (Mike and Rose) Wedding Day!

  1. I am soooo happy for them. The wedding was perfect! Rose was stunning in that dress. What a find! I was so excited, I read it too fast. I have to read it again before I can do a comment justice. Oh, but don’t think I’m happy with Evella showing up, I’m just to happy for Mike and Rose to rant about her, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, that means so much! And yes, I was honored to attend their wedding. I can’t believe it finally happened. It has been a long year, chewing my nails off to see how Mike would do. Still so happy for all the princesses and their men. Seeing Jack and Violet together tickles my heart! The photo shoot of Prince and Snow should be made into a portrait to hang in the castle. It’s gorgeous!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ❤️❤️❤️Loved it!❤️❤️❤️ I adored the beginning hearing from Mike and how he felt about Rose…My pixel crush! Everything was perfect. I hope they cooperated…so many sims but a gorgeous wedding! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, I’m a little calmer now and I took my time going over the story again. Mike’s soliloquy was so touching, it brought tears to my eyes. Rose’s nervousness was spot on! What a beautiful bride though! Your shots of Mike and Rose getting ready were beautifully done. All the pics. in this episode were fabulously done, except a couple, and you know which ones I mean, lol. When I saw the Wicked Apple Witch behind Rose, I just wanted to be able to flick her right out of there! The photo shoot was devine! I’m still so excited, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t see what she did with it though. I hope it ended in the trash, not in her inventory. Sweet Caroline doesn’t need to carry that burden.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fantastic wedding and I so loved the beginning with Mike having flashbacks of when he first met Rose and their dates during the Search for a King Challenge, and that Jack had no regrets about being the loser, although, as he says, he was the winner. All the dresses were lovely and I am glad that someone discovered the “tainted” fruit on the gift table. I love that line, “Who left a piece of fruit on the gift table. Tsk!” lol. I hope they threw it out. That Evella! I love all the photos and the photo shoots. So gorgeous. What a marvelous end (and new beginning) to the Challenge. You did a really great job and it doesn’t matter how long you took, it was amazing. Your heart and soul really went into these chapters. Bravo to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Fantastic! Perfect! Stupendous! What else can I say? Wonderful…just beautiful. I wish I could have been there, but it was a great read. Rose’s dress, and Rose, were absolutely gorgeous. Mike is as handsome as ever. Grrr for Evella being there!!! Blast that witch!

    Will you continue to follow the life of Mike and Rose? Will they be your main legacy continuation, especially since Rose is the heir to the throne?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What wonderful outfits everyone has! You put a lot of thought and work into it!
    I have to say I’m a bit scared for Caroline now. Hope she’s not feeling peckish :s
    Very cute wedding and I love the pictures at the end. At least Evella didn’t ruin the wedding itself but arg lady, go away!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The wedding was splendid , the costumes the décors everything was perfect. I really love the last couples pictures so real.
    Congratulations on Rose and on Mike, nope we didn’t know how Mike would feel if Rose weren’t in love with him.
    Congratulation on Violet and on Jack for being the next marrying couple according to the flower bouquet.

    Caroline do not touch this apple , thow it into the bin to be a hero.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. haha yes to throw this apple in the bin . HAHA I am jocking (hmm she still got her 3 pink sleeping apples in her inventory she mades so as a Witch she is familiar with them.)
        In my next part Miss V has got a strange adventure very funny. Poor her !

        Liked by 1 person

  8. What a beautiful wedding, absolutely love the dress! AThe photo shoot at the end was a touch of genius. Great way to see all the lovely couples. I had to scroll back and look through them twice.

    I’m sure the apple was a kind gift from a friend with not quite as much money as all those who were able to bring nice big wrapped gifts. Perhaps they can turn it into a pie or something to share. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m just happy no one seemed to have ate the fruit. I guess next time, try selling it door to door, haha! Anyway, I love the pictures. What a gorgeous wedding. I can’t wait to see what awaits Mike and Rose. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh ty … I am glad … evil Evella has a huge ax to grind not only with the Charmings but especially with Bruno and rose red! We will be seeing more of her in the updates to come. The trouble is is that sometimes she is successful and sometimes well she’s not. If you get a chance go back to the earlier stories of an era of charming tale And you will see why she is angry with them. Essentially they “robbed” her of the throne that she got through duplicitous means.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Can’t believe it took me this long to figure out the wedding already happened! Everything looked absolutely gorgeous…Well, The groom looked pretty handsome (quite dashing) if I do say so myself! All of the characters look great! Really love your story, Lisa! You’re very creative!

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