Mama Llama takes Peek at Discover Uni: CAS & Buy/Build

Always always always a


to EA, The Sims 4, and the Game Changers Network.

They make it possible for me to bring you this peek ❤

eagc orange

I will not take up much of your time “discussing” this catalog of items, but I will say I love the CAS items!

Such cute stuff and sooooo much of it too!

(I did not think I was ever going to get done shooting … but it is all good LOL)

Outstanding job … kudos to the devs who worked on it!

Enjoy the peek at CAS and B/B.

The gameplay portion will be released after the pack is released (staying away from spoilers).

Instructions for entering the giveaway will be in the next blog.







Full body

Shoes & Accessories

11-14-19_12-03-22 AM






Full body

Shoes & Accessories



Face paint


Some were saying that the piercings were too big.  I personally did not see that BUT I am of the school of thought that says (of tats and piercings) if they don’t show why have them???

New aspiration

uni aspiration

 Build/Buy items

11-14-19_1-45-58 AM11-14-19_1-52-03 AM11-14-19_1-55-55 AM11-14-19_2-21-22 AM11-14-19_2-32-01 AM11-14-19_2-40-03 AM11-14-19_2-42-13 AM11-14-19_2-44-51 AM11-14-19_2-46-17 AM11-14-19_2-48-21 AM11-14-19_2-50-12 AM

I am soo excited about these!

11-14-19_2-51-21 AM11-14-19_2-00-59 AM11-14-19_2-01-20 AM11-14-19_2-12-11 AM11-14-19_2-14-29 AM11-14-19_2-16-19 AM11-14-19_2-19-06 AM

The screenshots in BB are of a kinda poopy quality (the lot was overcast) but in the interest of time, I did not go back and edit them.

Next blog will contain instructions to enter the giveaway (2 Discover Uni codes)  ❤

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EAGC Pack Peeks Table of Contents


14 thoughts on “Mama Llama takes Peek at Discover Uni: CAS & Buy/Build

  1. ~ The cloths for women are what I mostly wear, so I love them, thank you for sharing, I have yet to open mine, I told my Mom what I was giving up to visit her!LOL! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing. A lot of wonderful pics of the new stuff. I love the new guy’s hair and the women’s dress with the cut out pattern on the sleeves. And the cast! Love that one. This was a lot of work and I do appreciate all you do. Thank you, you are great!

    Liked by 2 people

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